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Thank you all for your support ! These surveys show people emotions and feelings about current COVID19 pandemic in general. Click here for Statistics of All Polls till date

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Due to the impending situation we are mulling to temporarily enable member environment to capture best visitors and also push right content. We had been doing this to spread awareness .. we will be launching soon a member enabled site with lot more benefits .. thanks for all your patience and been visiting this site past few months since launch we have hit 700K unique visitors across the globe and we are thankful to all who had visited this site.

Report if you are sick or find any one in your community or colony to the nearest helpline

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Take precautions & steps to prevent getting infected

This site is for informative purposes – All the information is collated from WHO, GOOGLE News & Many other sources through RSS Feeds that are updated every 30 minutes. , The Content and their respective content rights prevail.

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